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Last Updated Sunday, April 5th -

Our Delivery Timelines in Uncertain Times:

We are still shipping - on a modified schedule - for Easter.

You may have already noticed some changes to our shipping calendar -
For the time being, We will only be shipping on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Updated 4/05: With such high order volume the week before Easter, we are re-opening Tuesday, and will now be shipping Tuesday and Wednesday this week. After Easter, we anticipate returning to our schedule of shipping only 2 days a week.

What We're Changing:

While we're certainly sterilizing every door knob and shared space in the building far more than usual, we've always been fanatical about keeping our kitchen clean and correctly maintained. We monitor ourselves and our standards of production closely for the health and wellbeing of our customers every day of the year - yet suddenly, we're ALL in a position where the only truly effective way to keep ourselves safe is staying apart.

Our primary goal is to avoid bringing multiple people together unnecessarily for as long as we can over the weeks ahead. With this in mind, we have cancelled all in-person sales and will only be shipping on Mondays and Wednesdays. By shipping only two days a week, we can safely operate with as little as one person on-site every other day, yet still have very little disruption to our overall shipping timelines. While we often suggest ship dates for holiday arrival, at this time we also strongly encourage you to please select the earliest available ship date when placing your orders.

Schedule Orders to Ship Early:

Scheduling orders as early as possible ensures that we'll get your gifts out ASAP, regardless of how current events may affect our ability to continue shipping in the weeks ahead. Additionally, shipping as soon as you place your order creates lower volume on each shipping day leading up to the holiday, which in turn helps us schedule as few people working together as possible to process those orders. (Of course - If changing state or local regulations do begin to affect order delivery, we'll reach out directly via phone or email to update you on your order status.)

Storage and Care Instructions:

Freshness and quality are important to us -- We try to keep it simple by shipping gifts closest to when they're intended to be enjoyed, but many of our products will remain as delicious as the day they were made for several weeks, even at room temperature. Items featuring chocolate ganache require a little more care; for the best quality, they should be refrigerated after arrival if you intend to keep them for longer than 10 days. Once refrigerated, our ganache will maintain its flavor and quality for up to five weeks - just remember to serve at room temperature for the best taste.

For a full list of storage reccomendations by product, check out our Care Instructions.

Avoid Shipping to Commercial Addresses:

Due to temporary business closures in some states, UPS has informed us that they may immediately return packages addressed to closed offices or institutions. Various state and local governments have been enacting closures with very short notice, and it may be difficult to predict whether your company will be open at the time of delivery.

At this time, we STRONGLY recommend shipping directly to your recipient's home address. UPS has reported no problems with home delivery, and continues to operate without difficulty or delay across all regions of the country for residential service. If you must send items to a commercial address, you are responsible for verifying that the business will be open for delivery. We will not be able to honor our standard return policies or refund any part of your shipping charge in the event of a returned package if your recipient is closed for business, as UPS charges us additional fees for the cost of returns.

For Questions, Concerns, or to Follow Up on an Order - Contact Us Here.