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Our Story

The Story Behind John & Kira's

John & Kira's chocolate creations are made with the finest ingredients sourced from urban gardens and small family farms around the world. We met in 1999 at one of Kira's famed rooftop barbecue parties, where she served risotto and egg cream sodas. John, having lived in both Italy and New York, was quite impressed. Kira was impressed that John was working at her favorite socially responsible restaurant in Philadelphia, The White Dog Cafe. Our love of food and community is what brought us together and has been the driving force behind the company we created, John and Kira's.

The idea for a chocolate company sprung from a road trip John took around the Northeast in search of innovative concepts in food. A boutique chocolate company seemed like the perfect idea as it was fun, creative and could be mixed with local ingredients such as mint from urban school gardens. We got right to work and launched John and Kira's in 2002. Before we knew it, the editors at Gourmet Magazine picked up on our confections and declared them their "favorite chocolates," prominently displaying our creations on the cover of the Valentine's Day issue of Gourmet in February, 2003. From those humble beginnings John and Kira's has grown and developed many clever and whimsical creations such as Chocolate Ladybugs, Bees and most recently a "Comfort Collection" featuring handmade marshmallow and peanut butter confections.

Today we continue to focus on ethical sourcing and innovative design and look forward to many more years of creativity and chocolate!