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Media: Articles and Videos

John & Kira's on PBS

John and Kira's Chocolates appear on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). A short video on the founding of John and Kira's and the story behind the Urban Gardens that supply the ingredients that flavor our chocolates.

Featured story at WHYY Friday Arts. Video courtesy of WHYY/PBS Video

John & Kira's on

October 2012

John and Kira show Martha Stewart how to create delicious, decorative chocolate-fig pumpkins.

J&K at Common Good City Farm

John of John and Kira's Chocolates tells the story behind their Urban Garden Chocolate Bars at the Common Good City Farm in Washington DC.

John & Kira's in The New York Times

December 2015

John and Kira's Winter Forest Collection was featured in The NYTimes.

J&K in O Magazine

October 2007 & Summer 2008

Our Fig Pumpkins are featured in 2007 and our Ladybugs in the Summer of 2008 in Oprah's "favorites" section of her magazine.

... and Gourmet Magazine

February 2003

The editors at Gourmet Magazine declare Jubilee Chocolates (our old name before John & Kira's) their "favorite chocolates" and put us on the cover of their Valentine's Day magazine. This one put us on the map!