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Bergamot Chocolate

This chocolate combines Earl Grey Tea from the Indulgashinna Tea Garden in Sri Lanka with bitter, dark 64% Valrhona chocolate from Madagascar.

Garden Mint

We infuse real mint leaves into fresh cream, mix in a touch of sugar and 40% Valrhona milk chocolate to create the most delicious morsels of mint you have ever tasted.

Glenn's Raspberry

We have combined some beautiful red raspberries with Valrhona milk chocolate to create an extraordinary raspberry and chocolate experience. Our most popular flavor, customers say that these are about as good as raspberry chocolates get.

Glenn's Strawberry

Picked at their ripest, our strawberries are pureed, heated and then mixed with Valrhona milk chocolate. The sweet yet subtle aroma of fresh strawberries merges perfectly with the caramel undertones of the Valrhona chocolate.

Lavender Honey

This chocolate features luscious honey from Draper's Apiaries in Tioga County, PA. Our chocolatier heats the honey until it is lightly caramelized. We then add it to fresh cream that has been touched with the scent of dried lavender flowers from the organic Harm's Vineyards & Lavender Fields in Napa, CA. Finally both are poured over a very light Valrhona milk chocolate. This produces an amazing play on your palette, with caramelized honey, lavender and chocolate floating at varying degrees around your taste buds.

Lingering Lemongrass

This flavor combines 40% Valrhona Chocolate with fresh lemongrass from La Vigne's Biodynamic & Organic farm. The delicate citrus flavor of the lemongrass lingers on your palate.

Coffee Whiskey

We infuse fresh cream with aromatic coffee from Philadelphia's La Colombe Roasters, pour it over sumptuous Valrhona chocolate then add a dash of whiskey to create this awakening flavor.

Papohaku Farm Ginger

Our search for the best ginger has led us to Papohaku Farm on the Island of Molokai in Hawaii. Following strict biodynamic guidelines, the owners produce the best ginger we've ever tasted. For this chocolate we combine Papohaku Ginger with Valrhona 40% milk chocolate.

NEW Passion Fruit

Tangy, tropical, and creamy with a long lasting finish. Made with Valrhona "Passion Inspiration."

Starry Night

Fine milk chocolate blended with cream that has been infused with the Asian spice star anise.