Urban Garden Bar - Mighty Mint

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Urban Garden Bar - Mighty Mint Urban Garden Bar - Mighty Mint QTY

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Most creative, delicious & mature chocolate.
rating rating rating rating rating   - By Frank on Oct 17, 2011
Creamy and smooth, mature tastes...herbs and fruit with chocolate.
Real chocolate, fresh mint: unbeatable
rating rating rating rating rating   - By Andy Rosen on Aug 6, 2011
I typically don't like mint-flavored foods, since usually it is mint flavoring. These bars, filled with real mint, are truly a revelation, and it's wonderful that the mint comes from family farms and/or urban garden programs. Five cheers!
Like being in my garden! on the best day ever :)
rating rating rating rating rating   - By Kristina on May 25, 2011
I received my bar from my daughter who works downtown in Boston. She brought it home from work with her while I was visiting and set to leave the next day, while she'd be at work. I live in NW MO. I have several varities of mint in my own yard and like dark bars so she thought I'd like the Urban Garden Bar. You know how flying can be, sometimes..alittle trying. Well I was tired and anxious to get home, had lots to do and wasn't going to get home 'till almost dark and would have to work the next morning etc etc. Sitting there thinking about all this stuff then remembered the bar in my purse!! :) It was way way better than I could have imagined. It smelled so good when I opened it..I really couldn't believe how it smelled just like fresh ment, with no crazy sweet fake flavor to ruin that wonderful smell. The chocolate was perfect too. GOOD JOB!
Real Mint!
rating rating rating rating rating   - By Amanda Paschke on Oct 10, 2010
This is a delicious chocolate bar. The most striking thing is that it takes like real, fresh mint. This flavor combines beautifully with the high quality chocolate, instead of overpowering it or disguising bad chocolate. If you want a peppermint patty, this isn't your bar. If you want chocolate and mint the way they should be, try it!