Our Lemongrass is beautiful - strong and woody at the bottom with slender, deep-green leaves that gracefully taper to a point nearly 4 feet later. Jess, our resident chef, loves to take the leaves and twist them together; the fragrance of lemongrass just wafts through the air. It's a very different product from what you may see in your average Asian or Specialty market. And that's exactly what Helene & Robert Beck strive for. This lemongrass is one of the many wonderful, beyond-the-mainstream fruits Helene & Robert grow at La Vigne, their Organic and Biodynamic grove located just east of Fallbrook, near the world famous Avocado groves of North County San Diego.

Helene & Robert started La Vigne in 1994 after abandoning a fast-paced life in Los Angeles to pursue a more healthful lifestyle in a beautiful rural area in north San Diego County. They converted a neglected avocado farm into an abundant grove that now produces 15 different fruit crops, all of which are 100 percent organic and biodynamic. Their grove is devoted to less-mainstream fruits, including kumquats, persimmons, cherimoyas, minneolas and blood oranges. They care deeply about their fruits and truly understand that the quality of the soil and its nutrients are what makes a difference in the flavor of the food grown. This devotion to their land and the fruit it produces is apparent – just taste our Lemongrass Chocolate and see for yourself.